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Carole Goyette, President and Founder of Conseils Crédit Canada

Our clients at the center of our qualms

Accountants, notaries, lawyers, trustees, lenders, insurers, and bankers recommend her to their clients, because she is an exceptional listener and shows a lot of imagination to find the best options for each individual.

A company founded on experience

Conseils Crédit Canada was born out of a desire to help others. Having herself experienced financial problems following a job loss, instead of caving in, the president and founder, Carole Goyette, instead turned this mishap to her advantage by founding her company. Her experience has taught her there are not many solutions for those in her situation.

Keeping this in mind, she made a career change and began research to be able to find creative solutions that will help each of you.

Who are our clients?

  • Managers of major banks

  • Managers of alternative banks

  • Private lenders

  • Trustees

  • Traders and manufacturers

  • Consumers: people like you who care about optimizing their credit rating

A. Nata

“I like to call you “My Angel”, because you were the extended hand that providence brought to me, at a time in my life when the doors of all financial institutions remained inaccessible to me, given my credit rating, which some referred to as “… on the verge of personal bankruptcy”.

Our first meeting took place at the beginning of March 2021 and only 4 months later, as if by magic, the incredible happened with you and your great team, because my credit rating was increasing on Equifax's and Transunion’s platforms, as you had warned me it would.

I was also able to keep my house; the only noteworthy family asset in my possession, as you kindly advised me.

My dear Carole, I am extremely grateful to you and to your wonderful team for having found the means to get my finances back on track in record time, with incredible efficiency and unequivocal kindness.

I cannot thank you enough for your intelligence, professionalism, and efficiency in handling my case.

I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the exceptional credit repair service and sound advice I have received with your company: Conseils Crédit Canada.”

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