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Exploratory Consultation

When asking for help, you take the first step that brings you closer to good financial well-being. You will see, your stress will gradually transform into pride!

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation places all of your debts into one basket, making it easier to manage payments by getting one loan (rather than multiple).

Preparation (Meeting with Insolvency Trustees)

Debt problems are a huge burden on your shoulders. Some solutions can be stressful, especially before you are completely free from your financial worries.

Credit Optimization – Support

Now that changes to your credit report are more and more apparent, we are finally at the stage of optimizing your credit score. Congratulation!

Rental, Purchase/Redemption

This solution will allow you, among other things, to stay in the same living arrangement.

Purchase without a Down Payment

Buying a property without a down payment? Yes, it's possible! However, this type of project requires preparation, and we can help you!

Entrepreneur Solutions

Do you need credit help for your business? Are you looking for innovative solutions for your needs? We have very different strategies we can suggest!

Together, we will find the best solution that suits your particular situation.


To get your credit report with TransUnion, take the time to read the instructions carefully before clicking the button.

Important: when the file is on your screen, see the section How to convert your file into PDF format. No images are allowed, so this is a very important step.

    • After reading the instructions, click the Go to TransUnion
    • It is strongly recommended to type in your social insurance number to simplify the procedure.
    • Find the right credit report for the right person.
    • Make sure you fill out all the fields correctly and answer the security questions.
    • Take your time.
    • When the file is on your screen, see the section How to convert your file into PDF format.

How to convert your file into PDF format – TransUnion

  • Go to the Credit report tab

  • In the drop-down menu, click on Detailed view

  • Click on all the little black arrows

  • Select Print credit report

  • When the page is displayed, click Print this page

  • Choose the PDF printer

  • Save document as ... in a folder on your computer

  • Send the file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these solutions and support for?

They are aimed at SOLOs, PPEs, SMEs, and large companies. To anyone who needs financing and wants to ensure they have a clean credit history.

Why consult us if your turnover is high?

Today, with the credit crunch, pandemic and market insecurity, banks will routinely view an individual's personal credit report even if it is for a corporate finance request. A credit report is used to demonstrate our strong payment habits to creditors. We need to make sure that your credit report reflects the accuracy of our financial credit habits.

Does having a good credit report help my business get financing even with a bank balance of over $50,000?

In a credit report, we do not find the salaries of individuals, nor the balance of your bank account, and even less the turnover of your business. What we find there are the receivables / debts / accounts that have been granted to your business. So, it is essential to check the accuracy of your report several times a year. In addition, a good credit history will allow you to obtain the best financing at the best rate on the market. Your credit score determines whether or not creditors can trust you and, most importantly, determines the risk of a future bad creditor.

Debt consolidation, we hear about this everywhere. Why is it important to consolidate your debts before financing?

The debt ratio does not appear on the credit report, but the debts / receivables do. The banker will go over your entire credit report. For example, if your credit cards or lines of credit are full and you have been paying only the minimum for some time, this will have a major impact on your debt ratio. So, you might be refused, today bankers are looking at the RISK of funding failure. So, I regularly suggest that the client be well prepared before applying for financing. How? By consolidating the debts, we pay all the cards, margins and then present our financing report when the debts appear paid on the credit file. Thus, the banker will see that you are managing your credit well. To find out the strategy behind debt consolidation, please contact us and one of our advisers will be able to support you in this important process for the sustainability of your business.

I need cash flow for my business and the banks have refused me, what should I do?
  1. Did you get your Equifax and TransUnion credit report before you applied?
  2. Were you prepared with up-to-date financial statements?
  3. Did you have the answers to all of the banker's questions?
  4. If you answered no to these questions, it is normal to have received a refusal. It's like going to a garage to do maintenance on your car without a car, it may sound ironic, but these situations can be avoided when we are well prepared and especially well supported.

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